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Krishtel is publishing the Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies (JVET) which was previously known as Advances in Vibration Engineering (AVE) and the journal takes its new official name beginning from 2014. AVE was launched in 2002 by Professor Jammi Srinivasa Rao and it was a scientific journal associated with The Vibration Institute of India (TVII). Prof J.S. Rao is the current Editor-in-Chief of JVET and also the founding and current President of TVII.

AVE began with the support from friends in vibration engineering across the world. The journal, initially a quarterly, began the journey with good papers that came from various authors and the papers came in slowly but steadily. With relentless effort, the editorial committee and reviewers offered immediate and expert services in handling the submissions and providing quality reviews. This effort gave stability and confidence levels required to run this journal. All relevant parties provided voluntary services with a paperless office and no secretarial provision and the costs kept to almost nil including the provision and maintenance of web services. Even the printers and publishers understood and co-operated the philosophy and interacted with the editorial board, particularly with all associate editors and kept the journal at low pricing to make it affordable to many institutions that came up in the last decade, particularly in Asia.

From one or two issues as a reserve, soon there were more in numbers and with quality, so much so there was good recognition, particularly from an important science federation in this and allied areas, International Federation for Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science (IFToMM) that was established in 1969. This journal became sponsored by this federation. IFToMM has opinion that vibration engineering is not alone, it comes with several allied areas; e.g., fluid mechanics that leads to alternating pressures and stresses and an application of these leads to fatigue. On several occasions even the basic problems of vibrations and fatigue need optimization to increase life. So accordingly, the journal had adopted a policy of considering those contributions leading to vibration engineering as the areas of specialization. Accordingly the scope of the journal was widened.

With more papers coming in the backlog of accepted papers increased; as a result the frequency of the journal was increased from 4 issues a year to 6 issues a year beginning from 2013. Several key indexing units have given accreditation to this journal including Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI since 2009), Elsevier Coverage (since 2010) and Indian Citation Index (since 2011). With the adoption of a broad area for contributions, there became a necessity to rename the journal to that reflecting the nature of the papers to appear in the journal, it was decided to convert the name "Advances in Vibration Engineering - AVE" to "Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technology - JVET". Procedures and regulations took about a year to get an official sanction for change in the name from all required quarters - the result of this is to bring the readers the journal titled with volume 2 as the starting volume after completion of 12 volumes of AVE from 2002 till 2013.

The editorial office sincerely hopes the contributors will continue the patronage and make the journal continue to be a world class journal. A lot will also depend on the expert reviewers for the health and quality of this journal and the editors will look up to their valuable services.

It is a pleasure to inform everybody that the Journal has gone in for a Co-Publishing agreement with Springer w.e.f. 2018 by which Springer will publish the Journal outside the boundary of India and Krishtel will continue to publish within India.

-Further details can be viewed on the Journal's website